Resources for Parents & Families

Resources for Families

Parents and family members are often the first people a student calls when they are having difficulties in college. There are situations that arise throughout the academic year, when parents or families need to get involved or seek help for their student. Due to FERPA regulations, it can be difficult to get answers or assistance on behalf of your student.

Student Care Services may work closely with parents and families to determine how best to support students and discuss available campus and community resources. As a parent or family member, you offer a valuable perspective often providing historical information that helps Student Care Services better conceptualize the student’s behaviors, struggles, and how to successfully approach him or her with reasonable options.

In order for Student Care Services answer specific information about a student our office requires a Release of Information.

  • The form must be signed by the student and sent from their student email or
  • The student may come in person to our office in Cohen Student Union 288

If there is an imminent risk of harm or danger, please dial 911. If the matter is urgent and it is after regular business hours, your student may contact the help line: 239-745-EARS (3277).

Student Care Services can assist with connected with their student during the following:

  • Parents and families can call or submit a Student of Concern Referral when they are concerned about their student (academic, personal, financial, medical incidents) and they are not sure who to call for help.
  • Parents and families can call in the event of emergency situations (i.e. their student is struggling, has been hospitalized, or needs to withdraw from the university).
  • Parents or families have general questions about navigating university policies, procedures, or services.
  • If your student is missing class due to a hospitalization, medical emergency, or family emergency, contact Student Care Services for assistance or use the Class Notification Request.
  • If you believe your student will not be able to complete the semester due to an extenuating circumstance, please review the Extenuating Withdrawal process.

Please refer to this Parent Resource Guide for Mental Health tips for students in college, provided by The JED Foundation.

We encourage parents to submit a Student of Concern Referral when there is reason to be concerned such as:

  • Is the student missing multiple classes?
  • Is there something going on in your family (e.g., death, divorce, other significant event) that may negatively affect the student’s performance?
  • Have you noticed a significant change in the student’s behavior?
  • Has the student been ill for a long period of time?
  • Is the student presenting signs of being in distress (e.g., feeling incredibly overwhelmed, talking about “wanting to give up," presenting other signs of significant stress)?
  • Is the student isolating him- or herself?

If you are still uncertain about whether to submit a Student of Concern Referral, you may contact our office at or 239-590-7900. 

If you would like to discuss your concern or share information about the FGCU student prior to submitting a Student of Concern Referral, then contact Student Care Services. In some cases, our office can suggest offices on campus that can appropriately support your student or suggest that you submit a referral so the team can assist in reaching out to the student through multiple University offices.

Counseling-related concerns

If you believe your son or daughter would benefit from the services provided by our Counseling and Psychological Services. Although limited information regarding whether a student has been using these services can be provided, a staff member is available to discuss your concerns and offer suggestions based upon the counseling and counseling-related resources that are available at FGCU.

Conversation Starters

Are you concerned about your student? Not sure how to initiate the conversation with them? Below are a few suggestions that may aid in telling your student about campus resources.

“I can’t help but notice that you [list behaviors or concerns]. Have you spoken with anyone on campus to receive support?”

“Do you have anyone on campus that you think could be helpful to you right now?”

“Let’s submit a Student of Concern Referral so a Student Care Services staff member can let us know how to work through these challenges.”

“Who else on campus knows what you’ve been going through this difficult circumstance?”

“We can work through this. Let's start by talking with Student Care Services about what resources are available for you as a student.”