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Academic FAQs for students

Academically, our goal is to provide the best learning environment for students, while recognizing that some students and faculty will be unable to start back on Monday, Oct. 10. Maintaining continuity, even during these challenging times, ensures the integrity of an FGCU degree and the impact our students will have on the world. 

With this in mind, we are very sensitive to and aware of the large-scale impact that Hurricane Ian has had on our community, and we are committed to work through these difficulties with our students, faculty, and staff.

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Students, if you cannot return at this time, that’s OK. When you can return, we’ll be there to help. For those students who can return, faculty have available to them many options for weekend instructional hours, including in-person, synchronous online, asynchronous online, recorded lectures and opportunities for individual assignments. We understand that many FGCU students are employed, and the calendar adjustments were made with that in mind. Every student deserves the opportunity to receive a high-quality educational experience that matches the course content they signed up and paid for at the beginning of the semester. How students receive that content is between each student and their professors. Please contact your individual instructors to discuss your unique situation with them.

A Pass/Fail option, officially known as Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory (S/U), will be available to every student for every class. This option is not mandatory, and students must request to opt-in to Pass/Fail for an individual class. Please contact your Academic Advisors, Student Success Counselors and FGCU Complete Navigators to find the best options for your situation.

As we move forward, flexibility is key. Faculty are expected to adjust their course schedules and modality as appropriate to address for the time missed.

If your class was supposed to meet
on these dates:

Tuesday, Sept. 27 

Wednesday, Sept. 28  

Thursday, Sept. 29  

Friday, Sept. 30 

Saturday, Oct. 1  

Monday, Oct. 3  

Wednesday, Oct. 5  

Thursday, Oct. 6  

Friday, Oct. 7 

Saturday, Oct. 8  

Then in-person classroom space is available
at the same time on the corresponding dates:

Saturday, Oct. 15

Saturday, Oct. 22

Saturday, Oct. 29

Saturday, Nov. 5

Sunday, Nov. 6

Saturday, Nov. 12

Saturday, Nov.19

Saturday, Dec. 3

Saturday, Dec. 10

Sunday, Dec. 11

We recognize there is no ideal solution to meet the needs of every student and faculty member on campus, but we believe this is the best guarantee for student success while emphasizing flexibility. We have all been affected in some way by Hurricane Ian. FGCU has urged faculty to make decisions for content delivery that allows them to lead with compassion and be as accommodating as possible to their students.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Do we have to make up for lost academic time due to Hurricane Ian?

Yes. It is critical for the university to deliver a high-quality educational experience to our students in a way that matches the outcomes expected by students and taxpayers. You deserve to receive the full course content you signed up for and paid for. Maintaining continuity, even during these challenging times, ensures the integrity of an FGCU degree and the impact our students will have on the world. With this in mind, we are very sensitive to and aware of the large-scale impact that Hurricane Ian has had on our community and are committed to working through these difficulties and supporting our students, faculty and staff.

For religious reasons, I cannot attend classes on Saturdays or Sundays. How does this work for me?

FGCU developed the revised calendar with the guiding principle that all faculty need to be as flexible as possible and work with individual students on their unique needs. Religious exemptions are also protected by Regulation 4.010.

The only time I can work is on the weekend, and I cannot afford not to work. What do I do?

How class time and content is received during weekend dates will be extremely flexible. Please communicate with faculty members about the challenges you are facing, including storm recovery and financial hardships. There are many options available for course delivery.

Were other alternative schedules considered?

The Academic Affairs team also considered using winter break, evening classes and other scheduling options. Weekend scheduling ensures that the semester will end on time, which will be less disruptive to the campus community overall. Ending on time also ensures students who complete their academic program this semester can keep their commencement dates.

What happens if we already have classes on Saturday? My Wednesday class has been rescheduled for Saturday. Do I have to choose between the two? 

No. Courses previously scheduled for Saturdays have been moved to accommodate the new schedule.   

Why is Tuesday, Oct. 4, missing from the schedule? 

Tuesday, Oct. 4 was intended to be a study/reading day on the original academic schedule. We announced at one time this would be called up as regular class day to make up for time lost due to the storm; our next note to campus explained that we needed to cancel all classes and non-essential classes through Sunday, Oct. 9. With this in mind, there is no need to “reschedule” course content from Oct. 4.  

I can’t go to school and work. 

If you have a work conflict, contact your instructor for an accommodation.   

Is it safe to come back to campus?

Absolutely. FGCU was not severely impacted by Hurricane Ian, and damage to our facilities and grounds was minimal. The campus has running water and electricity, which means there is air conditioning, hot food, WiFi/internet access and cell towers for mobile communications.

Will we have remote learning opportunities?

Yes, for the remainder of the fall term. We encourage faculty to be innovative, creative, patient and flexible as we move forward. Students are encouraged to discuss their unique situations with their instructors.

I am worried about my ability to focus and perform well right now. Are there alternative grading approaches available to me?

Please meet with your academic advisors, student success counselors and FGCU Complete navigators to find the best options for your situation. Refer to the alternative grading FAQ below.

When does the term end?

The last day of the traditional 16-week fall term is Friday, Dec. 9, with finals scheduled Dec. 12-16. Grades are due Tuesday, Dec. 20. 

Eight-week mini terms: 

  • Fall A is extended by two weeks, now ending on Saturday, Oct. 29, with grades due Tuesday, Nov. 1.  
  • Fall B remains the same, with classes beginning Monday, Oct. 17, and ending on Friday, Dec. 16. Grades will be due Tuesday, Dec. 20. 

Seven-week FGCU Accelerate: 

  • Session I is extended by two weeks, now ending on Saturday, Oct. 22, with grades due Tuesday, Oct. 25.
  • Session II remains the same, with classes beginning on Monday, Oct. 17, and ending on Saturday, Dec. 10. Grades will be due Tuesday, Dec. 13.

Does commencement change?

No. Commencements will still take place Dec. 17-18. Details will be announced on FGCU’s commencement website.

How does this impact Thanksgiving and winter breaks?

It doesn’t. The adjusted schedule retains the study day before Thanksgiving, so students and faculty will not meet Wednesday, Nov. 23, through Sunday, Nov. 27. Spring semester begins Jan. 9, 2023.

I’m a graduate student. What resources are available to me to navigate the end of the semester? 

Connect with your program coordinator, department chair and dean’s/director’s office to discuss how these changes will impact you. Speak directly to your professors about your unique circumstances and challenges. 

Am I going to get a tuition and fees refund? 

No. We’ve made alternative arrangements through this new academic schedule to give you all of the content and contact hours required for your courses. These changes mean that there will be no refunds disbursed. 

I rely on Little Eagle Learning Center for childcare during the week. Will it be open during the weekends to accommodate the new schedule?

Little Eagles will open Monday, Oct. 10, with the campus reopening, but it will maintain normal operational hours.

I am struggling with my mental/emotional health, who can I reach out to? 

FGCU Counseling and Psychological Services is available for individual and group counseling sessions by appointment on its website. Call CAPS at (239) 590-7950 to make an appointment. If you are in immediate distress and would like to speak to a mental health professional call the CAPS crisis line: (239) 745-3277

Students may also take advantage of two telehealth services that integrate with FGCU’s existing campus counseling services:

  • Uwill offers free teletherapy and counseling services. You can book your first session on the registration page.
    For more information, visit 
  • Togetherall provides free virtual, peer-to-peer mental health and wellbeing support. You can sign up using your Eagle Mail address on the registration page.
    For more information, visit 

FAQs for alternative grading options

Students interested in this option should carefully read and consider all information before making a decision.

  • General Questions

  • Grade Point Average Implications

  • Other Academic Considerations

  • Financial Aid Considerations