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Getting Started with Team Based Learning

December 08, 2020  / Mark Erickson  / Tags: team based learning, review, Lucas Center, book club

team based learning

The book Getting Started with Team Based Learning authored by Roberson, Franchini and Kubitz is an excellent introduction to team based learning.  The book was well organized and integrated evidence with author personal experiences very well.  Numerous personal experiences and recommendations were provided by contributing authors who have experienced the trials and tribulations implementing TBL and were also extremely helpful.  The reader was provided with a clear picture of the theory behind TBL as well as step-wise processes to design and implement a TBL based course.  The authors’ bias was to fully adopt TBL versus implement aspects of TBL within a course in an eclectic manner.  Useful web-based resources specific to TBL were provided.  We recommend this book as a useful resource for faculty interested in learning the basis for and application of team-based learning pedagogy in the higher education environment.

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