Institutional Research is responsible for regular reports to the State of Florida Board of Governors and submits data to the state's State University System (SUS) for performance metrics and accountability. 

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An explanation of performance measures and funding for all 12 universities is available on the BOG website:
BOG Performance Funding Model.  


Please note the new Accountability Plan has replaced the Accountability Report and Work Plan, beginning with 2018:

FGCU 2023 Accountability Plan

The Board of Governors (BOG) also releases a System Accountability Plan including all SUS institutions:

2022 System Accountability Plan

Annual FGCU Accountability Reports are available from the FGCU Board of Trustees and may also be accessed here:

State University System - Information Resources - This is the main state website for data collection and submission, used in the performance measurement of the 12 state universities.
The State University System Data Dictionary is a helpful reference for the kinds of data required from universities and the structure in which it must be submitted:  SUS Data Dictionary.