Planning, budgeting, assessment, and accountability must be closely integrated if meaningful improvement is to occur.

Every organizational unit within the university produces an Annual Report tied to its goals and services. In the case of the  colleges, not only are Annual Reports developed to address unit-level goals, Assessment Plans and Reports are prepared for each academic program that leads to a degree.

In addition, each of the academic program plans for baccalaureate programs  addresses the requirements for Academic Learning Compacts as determined by the Board of Governors.

Student and Faculty Assessment Studies

The office coordinates a systematic process of external  student and faculty surveys including participation in the Cooperative  Institutional Research Program, the National Survey of Student Engagement, the  Faculty Survey of Student Engagement, the Higher Education Research Institute  Faculty Survey, and Noel-Levitz student satisfaction to gauge student  involvement that is complemented by its own studies of such issues as  retention, staff climate, and residential life.

Assessment plans and Annual Reports are gathered into our Assessment and Accreditation Management System to allow easier accountability reporting to our University Board of Trustees, State Board of Governors,as well as our regional and professional accrediting organizations.                       

Questions about the Assessment and Accreditation Managment System at FGCU should be directed to Sang Ki Min Assistant Vice President, Planning & Institutional Performance. 

Assessment and Accreditation Management System

Florida Gulf Coast University developed and implemented its own system using SharePoint to accommodate institutional effectiveness needs of planning, assessment and accreditation and state reporting. If you are responsible for maintaining University Unit Annual Reports, Academic Assessment Plan and Reports, Program Review records, or contributing to the University's SACSCOC Compliance Certification report, please contact Sang Ki Min for access to the Accreditation and Assessment Management System.

Survey Assistance

OPIP is eager to serve FGCU by providing you with excellent survey coordination, development, administration, and reporting. OPIP can provide guidelines for appropriate sampling, follow-up reminders, and structuring of survey items.

To request survey assistance, please download and complete the Survey Assistance Request Form. When the request has been reviewed, we will contact you with details about what assistance we can provide for your project.

Assistance and scheduling is contingent upon availability of OPIP resources and staff.

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