Institutional Research

Official source of university statistics, data and reports. 

The IR staff provides information supporting decision making processes within all FGCU academic and administrative units. IR provides accurate, relevant and timely information used by the university and about the university.

IR Services Include:

  • Prepare and submit official data and reports to the Board of Trustees, Board of Governors and University Administrators for performance metrics, funding and decision making.
  • Prepare and submit official data and reports about FGCU students, programs and activities to federal, state and local agencies.
  • Provide interactive dashboards on university metrics.
  • Maintain and coordinate official repositories of information for FGCU.

Reports and data are available on the pages and links provided in the left-hand navigation. If you have any questions regarding data, reporting, metrics or Institutional Research, please contact us at - we will be happy to assist! 

If you wish to request data or a report that is not available on our webpages, please see our Data and Reports Request Form on the Data and Reports page, or access the IR FGCU Data or Report Request Form


Data and Reports

FGCU's 5 Year Data Profile for 2017 - 2021 is now available. It details enrollment, FTIC, entering GPA and test scores, graduation rates, degrees awarded and more at the University, college and major level for all FGCU colleges.

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Institutional Research is responsible for regular reports to the State of Florida Board of Governors and submits data to the state's State University System (SUS) for performance metrics and accountability.

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