Program Review

Program Review is a Process of Systematic Review and Evaluation of Academic Programs That Takes Place at Regular Intervals.

To ensure quality in our programs, FGCU undertakes a rigorous assessment of the strengths, weaknesses, anticipated demands / needs, and intended directions of each of its academic programs.

At Florida Gulf Coast University, programs are reviewed at least once every seven years. The reviews judge performance of the programs against benchmarks set by previous performance, accreditation agencies or other similar programs.

Like the FGCU assessment plans, Program Review focus heavily on student learning outcomes (SLOs) and seeks to determine the extent to which students attain these outcomes. Results not only satisfy policy requirements, but are used to guide continuous improvement efforts.

At the undergraduate level, program review focuses on the efficacy of the Academic Learning Compacts (ALC) developed by program faculty for the improvement of program outcomes. Program Review is the joint responsibility of Planning and Institutional Performance (PIP) and the Program Review Team (PRT) of the Faculty Senate.

Rationale for Academic Program Review

The Program Review process serves as a tool for ensuring quality in our Academic Programs and maintains the University's mission. 

  • Review of mission and purpose of the program within the context of FGCU’s mission/strategic plan and the Board of Governors (BOG)’s strategic plan.
  • Establishment of teaching, research, service, and other program goals and objectives, including expected outcomes, particularly in the area of student learning.
  • Assessment of the program to determine whether goals/objectives are being met, students are achieving expected learning outcomes, assessment results are being used for continuous program improvement, and resources and support services are sufficient to support the program.

Academic Program Review Process & Procedure

FGCU Policy 2.010-Program Evaluation and Institutional Effectiveness

Program Review Summary Overview

Program Review Cycle (Summer 2024)

Academic Program Review Orientation

2022-2023 Timeline

2023-2024 Timeline

Program and External Reviewer Information

External Reviewer Nomination Form

Assessment/Recommendation Form-Lead Reviewer

Assessment/Recommendation Form-Secondary Reviewer

Self-Study Template

CAS Self-Study Template

 FGCU Program Review Submission Schedule

FGCU 7-YEAR (2023-2030)


Program Review Team


  • Provide recommendations to Faculty Senate for the development, periodic review, and revision of standards, policies, and procedures for university-level management of program review, creation and elimination of all degree and certificate programs and the seven-year University Program Review Plan.
  • Based on information received from the Office of Academic and Curriculum Support, the Undergraduate Curriculum Team (UGCT) and the Graduate Curriculum Team (GCT), provide recommendations to Faculty Senate for the development, periodic review, and revision of standards, policies, and procedures for establishing new degree programs.
  • Review the process of program review of all degree and certificate programs, inform and make recommendations to Faculty Senate regarding the outcomes of that process.
  • Create additional working groups as deemed appropriate or necessary by the PRT members. The PRT facilitator can extend invitations for membership on working groups to FGCU faculty members, administrators, and/or staff members otherwise unaffiliated with the PRT.
    In consultation with the Planning and Institutional Performance (PIP), provide recommendations to Faculty Senate on future needs and directions in program review.
  • Provide information to Faculty Senate on how well FGCU program review procedures and products conform to current and future Florida Department of Education's Division of Colleges and Universities’ directives (e.g. Academic Learning Compacts).

Faculty Senate University Program Review Team