60+ Registration

FGCU Senior Citizen 60+ Auditing Registration

General Information

As a US citizen and a Florida resident 60 years of age or older, you may attend Florida Gulf Coast University undergraduate courses tuition-free on an audit basis, if space is available.  Florida Residency for tuition or waiver purposes is attained when you have lived in the state of Florida for twelve (12) consecutive months immediately prior to the first day of classes. Three forms of identification are required to verify Florida residency.  Your Florida driver's license, your Florida voter identification card and vehicle registration(s) are documents required for review at the time of registration. Please contact our office for other acceptable state official documents.

Classroom space for Senior Citizen 60+ students audit registration is based on availability after degree seeking students' registration has passed.  If a course is full, verbal communication from an instructor is not sufficient to register to a course. A signature from your instructor(s) will be needed on your Senior Citizen Tuition Waiver form to be registered. This form will need to be brought in to the Department of Records & Registration during the first week of classes of any term with one form of ID.

Courses are held at the location indicated in the online class schedule on Gulfline.  Since space is limited, please plan alternatives to your first choices.  All of the courses offered during the term by FGCU are found on the Course Schedule link on Gulfline.  For a clear description of the course, click on the link under Gulfline titled Course Description. 

Senior Citizen 60+ Students Registration Procedure

  1. Tuesday - Friday during the first week of class are the only days you can register for classes.
  2. If you have a Monday class, please attend it and obtain your Instructor's Approval on your waiver and bring your waiver to our office for registration on Tuesday.
  3. You must register in person. We'd like to meet and greet you and provide answers to any other concerns or questions.
  4. Registration begins at 8 a.m. and ends at 5 p.m. Tuesday-Friday.
  5. Your Senior Citizen Non-Degree Application must be filled out completely and paid for ($30 one time non-refundable fee) to ensure official admission to FGCU.  Applications are available in our office or found on the Department of Records & Registration's website, under Forms.
  6. If you have attended classes within the past 12 months, you will only need to fill out the Senior Citizen Tuition Waiver Form during the first week of classes of any term. If you have NOT attended classes within the past 12 months, or are a new 60+ student, the entire registration package must be filled out and returned to the Department of Records & Registration.

Parking Decal

To park on campus, Senior Citizen 60+ students are required to have a parking decal from FGCU Parking Services.  A parking permit may be filled out and printed from the 'Parking Services' website.  Vehicle registration is required once you have registered for classes.  You can obtain your parking decal from Parking Services, conveniently located within the Enrollment Services Center on the first floor of McTarnaghan Hall. Note: Outstanding tickets prevent enrollment.

Student ID

Senior Citizen 60+ students are required to have a FGCU Eagle ID card.  You can obtain your ID, once you are registered. There is no fee as it is included in your waived fees.  The Student ID Office is located in the Cohen Student Union building.

Auditing Etiquette

To audit means to listen.  The extent of participation in classroom discussion will be established by the individual instructor.  The interests of the tuition-paying students must remain primary. 

When auditing a class, please be courteous and considerate of the students who are taking the class for credit.

Please do not invite or encourage guest to attend classes with you.

Weekday Abbreviations

M - Monday
T - Tuesday
W - Wednesday
R - Thursday
F - Friday
S - Saturday