Digital Media Design Internships


Internships and work experience are an important part of the design curriculum. Hands on experiences, working with clients and within the profession are a fantastic way to apply skills from the classroom and learn new ones. 

Many of our internships are paid and a some of them have lead directly to full-time employment after graduation. Students can explore existing internship connections or find their own design internship employer. The internship course is offered every semester.

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In the classroom


Here is a selection of internships our students have successfully completed:

  • Experience Designer; Hertz Global.
  • Designer; Parr Moto.
  • Graphic Designer; Presstige Printing.
  • Social Media, Videographer; The Hockey Summit.
  • Web Designer; Hertz Global.
  • Designer; BeBrilliant Marketing.
  • Designer; ADventure Marketing SWFL.
  • Videographer; ESPN4 
  • Designer; FGCU Athletics 
  • Graphic Designer; B3 Marketing.
  • Marketing, Designer; Wayne Anderson VFX studio.
  • Print & Web designer; HomeMag.
  • Designer; FGCU Housing and Recreation
  • Designer; FGCU Marketing and Communications 
  • Web Designer;  FGCU Marketing and Communications