FGCU Emergency Management Advisory

Sept. 30, 2022 | All FGCU classes, including online modalities, as well as non-essential campus activities are cancelled through Sunday, Oct. 9. We are tentatively planning to return to normal operations Monday, Oct. 10. It is vital to hear from ALL students, faculty and staff so we can assess needs and move forward with reopening campus. It is critical that we hear from you. Call the FGCU Storm Recovery Call Center at (239) 310-5398 as soon as possible.

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Digital Media Design Internships


Internships and work experience are an important part of the design curriculum. Hands on experiences, working with clients and within the profession are a fantastic way to apply skills from the classroom and learn new ones. 

Many of our internships are paid and a some of them have lead directly to full-time employment after graduation. Students can explore existing internship connections or find their own design internship employer. The internship course is offered every semester.

Internship Preparation Student Interns

Here is a selection of internships our students have successfully completed:

  • Experience Designer; Hertz Global.
  • Designer; Parr Moto.
  • Graphic Designer; Presstige Printing.
  • Social Media, Videographer; The Hockey Summit.
  • Web Designer; Hertz Global.
  • Designer; BeBrilliant Marketing.
  • Designer; ADventure Marketing SWFL.
  • Videographer; ESPN4 
  • Designer; FGCU Athletics 
  • Graphic Designer; B3 Marketing.
  • Marketing, Designer; Wayne Anderson VFX studio.
  • Print & Web designer; HomeMag.
  • Designer; FGCU Housing and Recreation
  • Designer; FGCU Marketing and Communications 
  • Web Designer;  FGCU Marketing and Communications