FGCU Emergency Management Advisory

Sept. 27, 2022 | FGCU is canceling all classes and non-essential campus activities Thursday and Friday. FGCU leaders will evaluate methods for students to make up for lost instructional time, which will likely include the use of planned study dates as regular academic class. Please expect updates to the academic calendar once we return to normal operations. For storm updates, visit fgcu.edu/emergencymanagement.

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Entrepreneurship Living Learning Community

Entrepreneurship Living Learning Community

The entrepreneurial freshman experience.

  • Multi-disciplinary

  • Working towards graduation requirements

  • Co-curricular activities

  • Mentors

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LLC Community and Benefits FAQs

  • Where is it located?

  • What will participants do?

  • What classes do participants take?

  • What is the Runway Program?

  • Faculty and Staff Participation

  • Can I select my roommate?

  • What if I don’t like it?

  • Can I still be part of the FYRE program?

  • I'm interested in participating, what do I do now?

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