Jade Gibson - FGCU Musician Entrepreneur

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Jade Gibson from Jade Strings standing in a field


Jade Gibson - Musician Entrepreneur

Jade Gibson ('19) clearly has a passion for music. She’s practiced and played since childhood and has developed her talent so well that she’s played with some of the most well-known musical and artistic groups, such as The Who and the Cirque Du Soleil. While her passion for music may have led her to Florida Gulf Coast University, over time she developed an interest in turning her music in to a profitable venture. Jade started her business, Jade Strings, in early 2018 when she changed her major to entrepreneurship. She saw the opportunity in Southwest Florida and the rest of the state: people wanted professional, live music at special events and first-class service.


Jade Gibson and her company Jade Strings


Her work now involves managing multiple artists, promoting and growing the business, and tracking the company’s finances. She has learned all of these skills and more to grow her company. Jade Strings provides musicians for weddings and other special events. The musicians play a variety of instruments, including the violin, cello, harp, and ukulele. Jade started her business with a limited financial investment, but has built on her early successes, to establish a strong reputation and continues to grow the business.

RUNWAY PROGRAMEntrepreneurship Major 


The entrepreneurship major and runway program helped me mold my idea into an actual business. I was guided on the logistics of launching the business and one year later earned 6-figures in revenue."

— Jade Gibson
Owner of Jade Strings
Interdisciplinary Entrepreneurship Studies B.A. ('19)