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Digital Media Design Facilities

Technology & Innovation

Digital Media Design students have access to a multitude of creative tools. From software to hardware, traditional to experimental.

The design landscape is always changing and students in the Digital Media Design B.A. are at the forefront of innovation and experimentation. We use industry standard tools such as the Adobe Software suite, UnReal Engine, Unity, Blender, Maya and many other creative tools. We combine them with a variety of other specialized equipment so that the students can realize their full potential in our program.

We teach in a 40 seat high-end PC classroom/studio as well as a 30 seat state-of-the-art Mac classroom. Our students also have access to a 20 seat Mac lab, a fully loaded makerspace, a media space as well as a studio dedicated to our senior level students. We are constantly adding resources for the design students so that they can spark their imagination and creativity!


Some of the equipment students are using:  
  • Virtual & Augmented Reality
  • Professional printing facilities
  • Motion Capture (Camera free)
  • Vinyl/Laser cutting
  • 3D Printing
  • Screen-Printing
  • Laser Cutter (glowforge)
  • Videography/Photography studio


Lucas Hall

Lucas Hall PC Studio

Reed Hall

Reed Hall Mac Studio



Makerspace: 3D printing, HTV, Laser and Vinyl Cutting


Media Room

Photography, videography and audio room


Motion Capture

Motion capture for animation and video games


Print Space

Wide format professional printing