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Digital Media Design is a large umbrella for many disciplines within the creative industries. The list of potential careers for Digital Media Design students is long and ever evolving as new technologies introduce new demand for our talented students.

The Digital Media Design BA offers a broad curriculum where students are encouraged to take on a variety of design disciplines and then specialize as they enter their senior year. Students are given multiple opportunities to work with designers, corporations and design studios inside and outside of the classroom.  Some areas of employment are now well-established such as Web Designer, Animator or Graphic Designer. Other areas we cover are very new and in-demand such as Experience Design, Motion Graphics Designer & Interface Designer.

Digital Media Design students have started careers in a wide range of creative positions, here is a selection of where our students end up;

We prepare design students for future careers.

We have an annual portfolio review and workshop where design industry professionals are invited in to meet with the DMD students and talk about their folios. It's an opportunity for the students to present work to professionals and receive feedback and suggestions on how to best to market themselves for their future careers. We also have a Design Professional Practices course in the curriculum which is dedicated to preparing assets, folios and presentation skills.

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Portfolio Review

July 3, 2023