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At Florida Gulf Coast University (FGCU), student success is at the center of all of our endeavors. There will be occasions where a student encounters a concern or has a matter that requires a resolution. At FGCU, students are encouraged to resolve concerns and complaints informally by bringing the matter directly to the faculty or staff member. Faculty and staff are expected to respond to a student in a reasonable timeframe to assist in the resolution. Academic Colleges and other university offices and Responsible Units may establish their own policies and procedures for addressing specific types of concerns and complaints. If a student is not able to resolve a matter, the student may file a written complaint or use a specific appeals process (if one applies to their concern/complaint). Additional information regarding student concerns and complaints can be found in FGCU Policy 4.017.

At any stage of the process, a student may contact the Ombuds Office to assist with resolution in a concern or complaint. The Ombuds Office will listen to your concern, explain policies and procedures, help define options and work with a student to seek resolution to the matter. Also, the Dean of Students Office can serve as an advocate or resource in many situations too. Depending on the situation, these offices may be able to aide the student in seeking resolution to their matter. 

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