Satisfactory Academic Progress

Eligibility for Financial Aid

To be eligible for and to receive any federal aid, state aid, certain types of institutional aid and private educational loans students must comply with Florida Gulf Coast University’s standards for Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP). The intent of this policy is to ensure that students who are receiving federal and state financial aid as well private educational loans for their educational needs are making measurable progress toward completion of a degree in a reasonable period of time.  Students are measured on GPA (a qualitative measure), Completion Rate and Maximum Timeframe (quantitative measures). Students who fail to meet SAP standards will be ineligible to receive any federal aid, state aid or private educational loan funds. Students who are found ineligible may appeal this determination under specifically prescribed conditions. Resources for policies follow sections 668.34 of the federal handbook.

  • Qualitative Measure of Progress

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  • Quantitative Measure of Progress

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SAP Details

The SAP Process is run annually at the end of each spring term after grades are posted. This annual process will check for completion rate, institutional CGPA, and Timeframe as explained above. Students on financial aid probation will be reviewed at the end of each term. Also, Teacher certification and Teacher Immersion Students will be reviewed at the end of each term.

New freshman coming in during the academic year will automatically be considered making SAP. Transfer students will be reviewed at time of enrollment, after FAFSA (free application for federal student aid) information is received. All transcripts must be received and processed before eligibility will be considered.

SAP Status code/Description How Financial  Aid eligibility is Affected
SAP- Making Satisfactory Academic Progress The student has met all financial aid eligibility requirements and is eligible for financial aid.
SUS- Financial Aid Suspension The student has not met one or all of the financial aid eligibility requirements and is no longer eligible to receive financial aid.  The student will remain on suspension until an appeal is approved or until SAP is achieved. Some types of financial aid (including some scholarships) will still disburse regardless of the suspended status.
PROB- Financial Aid Probation

The student submitted an appeal that was approved by the financial aid appeals committee. The student is now on probation and is eligible to receive aid. After the appeal is approved the student will either be allotted one semester to achieve SAP or be assigned an academic plan.  The academic plan will include criteria that must be achieved over two or more semesters to meet SAP. Students on probation will be reviewed at the end of each semester to determine if SAP was achieved or if the academic plan was successfully completed. Students will remain on probation until they achieve their academic plan and reach SAP. If the student fails to meet SAP or the conditions of the academic plan the financial aid status will revert to suspension and financial aid will cease.

Teacher Certification and Teacher Immersion Programs

Teacher certification and TIP (Teacher Immersion Program) students will be reviewed at the end of each term due to the length of the program.  Students must achieve at least a 2.0 CGPA and a 70% cumulative completion at the end of each term.  The maximum timeframe for each program cannot exceed 31 credit hours.

Regaining Eligibility

Mitigating circumstances: Students who do not meet the minimum satisfactory academic progress requirements may request reinstatement of their eligibility based on any of the circumstance listed below. Request for reinstatement must be made in writing through the financial aid appeal process.  Approval is NOT guaranteed.

  • Death/Illness of an immediate family member

  • Personal injury/illness
  • Physical disability
  • Other extraordinary circumstances

Appeal: Students seeking reinstatement of their eligibility to receive financial aid must complete a Financial Aid Appeal form and provide supporting documentation. Supporting documentation can include obituaries, medical bills, doctor’s notes, and any other documentation that the committee deems appropriate. Students must also explain what in their situation has changed so they may now meet SAP standards. Notification of action taken by the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships will be emailed within 20 working days of the request (unless necessary information cannot be obtained). If additional documentation is requested, the student must submit the documentation by the deadline posted on the appeal form. If the timeframe is not met the appeal will either not be considered or considered for the subsequent semester. The committee has 14 working days from the date the last supporting document is provided to notify the student of a decision (unless necessary information cannot be obtained). Deadlines for appeals will be published on the financial aid appeal forms. Appeals will not be reviewed for the current term after the posted deadlines.

If the appeal provided is approved the student will then be placed on probation for the semester requested and aid may be awarded for that semester. The student’s progress will then be reviewed at the end of the semester. The student will remain on probation as long as they continue to achieve the requirements of their academic plan each semester. The only time SAP status will automatically be updated is  at the end of the spring term when the annual process is run or due to a reported grade change. If a student reaches SAP standards at any other time they must submit an appeal for the status to be updated. 

If a student's request for reinstatement of financial aid is denied they may pursue further review by the Financial Aid Appeal Committee by supplying additional documentation that was not included in the first appeal. A student is allowed three approved appeals while pursuing an undergraduate degree (including teaching certification) and three approved appeals while pursuing a graduate degree. After the third approved appeal no other appeals may be submitted, and the student can only receive aid by meeting SAP.

Fall- Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal

Spring- Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal

Summer- Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal

Satisfactory Academic Progress Timeframe Review

Note: Financial Aid for the current academic term will be awarded at the time of reinstatement providing funds are still available. All charges incurred during the period of time in which a student is suspended are the sole responsibility of the student.

Violation of Terms of Probation: Students who have appealed and are placed on probation must  achieve SAP or fulfill the terms of the academic plan. Violation will result in financial aid suspension and not being eligible to appeal for reinstatement of financial aid. Probation students whose status are negatively affected by NR grades are eligible to submit an appeal if the updated grade(s) result in the student meeting SAP standards. Students will remain on suspension until meeting SAP or may appeal again after completing one semester on their own, as long as they have achieved SAP standards during that semester.

 Circumstances Which Affect Your SAP Status

  • Withdrawals

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  • Incomplete grades, Non-Reported grades, Failing grades, and Withdrawals

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  • Repeat Courses

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  • Change in Major, double major, or minors

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  • Grade Forgiveness

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  • Courses taken for pass/fail grades

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  • Late Posted Grades, Grade Changes, and Late Withdrawals

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  • Consortium or Study Abroad Credits

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  • Completed Program - without degree

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  • Second Bachelors Program

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  • Remedial courses

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