Regulations, Policies & Guidelines

Guidelines for Use of University Facilities

Campus Reservations is responsible for coordinating and scheduling the use of a variety of university facilities. All requests for the use of university facilities must be submitted to Campus Reservations. Within the context of the university’s mission, policies and procedures, Campus Reservations reserves the right to grant or deny requests.

  • ADA Accommodations

  • Alcohol

  • Animals at Events on Campus

  • Contract Requirements

  • Custodial Responsibilities

  • Damage and Loss

  • Decorations

  • Distributing Information or Soliciting Sales

  • Donations/Collections

  • Equipment Usage

  • Equipment Rental

  • Evacuation Procedures

  • Event Security

  • Food Service/Catering

  • Fog Machines

  • Free Speech/Public Expression

  • Gambling

  • Hallways and Stairwells

  • Helpful Event Planning Tips & Forms

  • Insurance

  • Latex Balloons

  • Lost and Found

  • Medical Emergency

  • Safety/Security

  • Smoking

  • Staff Support at Events