FGCU Emergency Management Advisory

Sept. 30, 2022 | All FGCU classes, including online modalities, as well as non-essential campus activities are cancelled through Sunday, Oct. 9. We are tentatively planning to return to normal operations Monday, Oct. 10. It is vital to hear from ALL students, faculty and staff so we can assess needs and move forward with reopening campus. It is critical that we hear from you. Call the FGCU Storm Recovery Call Center at (239) 310-5398 as soon as possible.

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Meet Our Staff


Eric Balmer
Eric Balmer
Director, Campus Reservations & Records Management
Office: COHEN 150
Phone: 239-590-1141
E-mail: ebalmer@fgcu.edu
Marie Hall
Marie-Josee Hall
Assistant Director, Campus Reservations
Office: COHEN 147
Phone: 239-590-1238
E-mail: mjhall@fgcu.edu
Teri Bigos
Teri Bigos
Assistant Director, Campus Conference Programs & Records Management
Office: COHEN 149
Phone: 239-590-1426
E-mail: tbigos@fgcu.edu
Laurie Babcock
Laurie Babcock
Coordinator, Financials & Camp Compliance
Office: COHEN 151
Phone: 239-590-1139
E-mail:  lbabcock@fgcu.edu 
April's Headshot
April Cordonnier
Coordinator, University Calendar
Office: COHEN 152-B
Phone: 239-590-1098
E-mail: acordonnier@fgcu.edu
Paige Martin
Paige Saboe
Manager, Event Planning & Cohen Operations
Office: COHEN 148
Phone: 239-590-1478
E-mail: psaboe@fgcu.edu
Gabriella Silva
Gabriella Silva
Coordinator, Event Planning & Scheduling
Office: COHEN 146
Phone: 239-590-7673
E-mail: gdemello-silva@fgcu.edu
Andie Aguirre
Andie Aguirre
Coordinator, Event Planning
Office: COHEN 145-C
Phone: 239-590-1124
E-mail: aaguirre@fgcu.edu
Gina Greco
Gina Greco
Event Scheduler/Planner
Office: COHEN 152-C
Phone: 239-745-4381
E-mail: ggreco@fgcu.edu
Julianna Benak
Julianna Benak
Event Scheduler/Planner
Office: COHEN 145-A
Phone: 239-745-4353
E-mail: jbenak@fgcu.edu

Campus Reservations Team