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What can you do with an Anthropology Degree?

Anthropologists work in a wide array of fields and careers.


The American Anthropological Association summarizes four main career paths:



Corporate & Business



Academic anthropologists work in elementary education or as professors in university programs such as medicine, public health, cultural studies, biology, cognitive psychology, and linguistics.

 Corporate anthropologists work in market research, tourism/heritage, management consulting, healthcare management, and social impact assessment, as well as many other types of businesses.
 Anthropologists may work in contract archaeology, also known as cultural resource management, in planning, in police departments, as forensic anthropologists, and in international development. The federal government employs many anthropologists.
 Anthropologists may work for many non-governmental organizations such as museums, zoos and animal sanctuaries, international health organizations, advocate groups (human rights/social justice), in humanitarian efforts, environmental organizations, in cultural resource management, and historic preservation.






Experiential Learning

Field Schools

Recent Study Abroad

  • Archaeological Field School offered in the summer every other year; locations vary.
  • Primatological Field School offered at the Lemur Conservation Foundation in Florida every other spring.
  • Folklore of Ireland
  • Museum studies in Croatia