The on-the-ground experiences provide students the chance to “get their foot in the door” with a particular organization, agency or business or establish the necessary record of accomplishment to pursue other careers.

The FGCU Anthropology Program offers a range of internship opportunities through its ANT 4940 course.  The objective of the internship program is to provide “real world” opportunities that allow students to engage in a wide variety of professional activities while also earning college credit. As a three-way collaboration among students, the program and host-providers, internships merge the worlds of school and work by embedding students into professional settings with defined learning goals, supervision, and evaluation. The anthropology internship course requires students to identify and secure a host-provider, articulate and then apply their knowledge and skills in ways appropriate to that setting. Through the internship experience, students are able to see from the inside what a particular career looks like in settings such as museums, government agencies, libraries, non-profit organizations, community groups and other institutions.  

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