Student Engagement

What have our students been doing?Volunteers

Several of our dedicated students have presented research at various regional professional conferences. Would you like to join them? Talk to our faculty about research opportunities and ways to become engaged.

Recent professional conference presentations include:

2018 Midwest Sociological Society Annual Meeting in Milwaukee, WI
  • Holly Turcich: “First Time in College, First Generation Students: A Southwest Florida Case Study”
  • Stephanie Figueroa: “What's Class Gotta Do With It: A Sociological Exploration of the Ties Between Socioeconomics and Educational Attainment”
  • Hannah Seitz Pereira: “Racial Justice in a Changing Political Opportunity Climate”
  • Hayley Edwards: “The Lonely Ones: Social Isolation of Students and RA Training”

2017 Midwest Sociological Society Annual Meeting in Minneapolis, MN

  • Craig McElroy: “Voting for the Lesser of Two Evils”
  • Jeff Swartzentruber: “Veterans and Readjustment to Civilian Life: The Role of Music and Other Activities”  

2016: Midwest Sociological Society Annual Meeting in Chicago, IL

  • Kelli Henry: “It’s Getting Hot In Here: Hook Up Culture in SWFL”

Getting Involved On Campus

There are various ways to get involved and develop your sociological imagination and hone your skills right here on our own campus!

  • Sociology Club: To get involved please contact either Dr. Thornhill or Dr. Miller, co-faculty advisors for Sociology Club.  Besides weekly meetings the Club is also responsible for organizing the Annual Social Science Research Symposium.
  • WGCU’s Gulfcoast Live! Coverage of the 7th Annual Social Science Research Symposium in April 2018.
  • Gender-Sexuality Alliance: To get involved please contact Dr. O’Bryan , the faculty advisor for the Gender-Sexuality Alliance. 

Getting Involved With the Discipline

There are numerous opportunities for sociology students to engage with professional associations, compete in paper competitions, network, and collaborate with other sociologists the U.S.

National and Regional Associations

For more resources on sociology see any of the following: