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Financial Aid & Assistantships

Pre-Professional Training Opportunities

Qualified students have a range of opportunities as Graduate (GA) or Teaching Assistants (TA) to learn and to develop new skills under the supervision of professionals in various fields requiring a high degree of facility with language, literature, critical analysis, and verbal expression. Within FGCU, MA students work as tutors in the University Writing Center; as teaching assistants for composition courses; as research assistants in collaborating with faculty on research projects; as editors for The Mangrove Review and Aquila; and as staff for the FGCU Sanibel Island Writers’ Conference.  For more information on these two programs, please read below.

Graduate Assistants (GA) Compensation & Responsibilities

Graduate Assistantships, which include a stipend and may include a tuition-based fee waiver, are available on a competitive basis—the student’s initial admission package determines placement. The English MA Program Coordinator, in consultation with English faculty and the Chair of the Department of Language and Literature, tenders the offers for Graduate Assistantships. These assistantships require ten hours (five hours if on half assistantship offer) of work per week for a semester (fifteen weeks total), and they are usually allocated for positions as tutors in the Writing Center. However, depending upon university support, assistantships might also be available for duties as a research assistant with a faculty member, classroom assistant for a faculty member, editor with The Mangrove Review, or staff assistant for the FGCU Writers’ Conference. A graduate assistant must enroll in at least six credit hours per semester. See page 32 for a detailed list of duties and responsibilities.

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Teaching Assistants (TA) Compensation & Responsibilities

A limited number of Teaching Assistantships are available each year. These Teaching Assistantships include a stipend and may include a tuition-based fee waiver in exchange for teaching one or two composition courses per semester. To qualify, a student must have 18 total graduate credit hours in English before the semester of teaching begins, and a student must take ENC 6745 and pass with a grade of B or higher. Please note that these are qualifying conditions; meeting them does not guarantee a Teaching Assistantship. Teaching Assistants may take 3-9 credit hours of coursework per semester.  

These Teaching Assistantships are awarded competitively, based on the student’s record of academic achievement at the graduate level and achievement in working as a tutor, graduate assistant, or similar activity. The English MA Program Coordinator, in consultation with English faculty and the Chair of the Department of Language and Literature, tenders the offers for teaching assistantships.

In addition to standard student evaluations, teaching assistants will be evaluated through classroom observations by the First-Year Composition Coordinator and/or the English MA Program Coordinator in each of their two semesters of teaching. Classroom Observation Reports will be submitted to the student teacher as well as the English MA Program Coordinator and the First-Year Composition Coordinator.

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