English MA Internships

Did You Know You Can Earn Credit Towards Your English MA by Doing an Internship?

The study of English may lead to many different career paths, it is therefore important that every student identify a field of interest and create a plan to gain the right skills, experiences, and credentials to enter that field. FGCU English MA students may arrange to receive credit  through an Internship in a field related to the English degree. The student is expected to engage in work that is supervised by an Internship Supervisor who must have demonstrable expertise in the internship area.

To qualify for an internship, students must complete and submit the Internship Proposal Form and Internship Schedule to the English MA Coordinator prior to registering for ENG 6940 English Master's Internship (0-6 credits).


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A master’s degree in English prepares you for a number of career opportunities, many of them outside of the education field. Find out about some surprising top job choices for English majors here.

For more information, visit Whatcanidowiththismajor.com provided by the Career Development Services at FGCU.