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Ed Leadership (M.Ed.) Handbook

Student Handbook


1. In the semester you intend to graduate, do the following:

  •  You must apply to graduate online using the form available through Gulfline. Log into Gulfline, click on Student & Financial Aid. Then click on Student Records and select Prospective Graduation form.
  • Complete your final Portfolio using the LiveText template and post it no later than two weeks before classes are completed. Inform your advisor when you are finished entering your Portfolio, and contact your advisor to set a time to present and defend your portfolios to the faculty.
  • If for some reason you don't graduate, then you need to apply to graduate and register for at least one credit the following semester.

2.  All candidates for graduation will complete their Learning and Professional portfolios in LiveText using the template provided.

3. College of Education policy requires that all students purchase a one-time subscription to LiveText. This can be done at LiveText.com

It is needed for student feedback on state standards and for our College of Education accreditation system. All classes will use LiveText to assess specific critical tasks that will be tied to the Florida Prinicpal Leadership Standards.

Be sure to indicate that you are a student at Florida Gulf Coast University.

4. Our program was granted “full approval” by the Florida Department of Education to award Level I certification. Please work with your advisor to insure that your Planned Program of Study meets the state standards. You are required to complete a Planned Program of Study as soon as you are admitted to the program. See your advisor and use the link below.

5. You must complete the Florida Educational Leadership Exam (FELE) and pass all sections of it prior to being awarded a degree by FGCU.


Start your tour of the Educational Leadership Program here. For individuals who have questions about Florida certification, and general questions about advising and the program in Educational Leadership.

  • Can I take any courses before I am admitted?  

  • Do I need to get admitted even if I am just seeking administrator certification?

  • If I already have a master's degree do I need to get another one in Educational Leadership to be certified?

  • What do I do if I already have Educational Leadership Certification from another state?

  • How do I get admitted to the program in Educational Leadership? 

  • Do I need teaching experience or teacher certification to be certified as an administrator in Florida? 

  • Will I be able qualified to be a principal after I complete the program and get certification? 

  • Do I have to take the Florida Educational Leadership Examination? If so, when can I take it? 

  • How do I get an advisor? 

  • How can I get quick information on all aspects of the program without talking to an advisor? 

  • Does FGCU confer certification in Educational Leadership?


The following link are important links for current students. These comprise the main body of the Student Handbook

1. Student Information and Program Timelines: Specific information is provided in this link about new student advising, student responsibilities, and timelines for program completion.

2. Class Scheduling Information: The following links contain important information to assist students in planning their program. 

2a. Student Planned Program of Study: Required for all students. When completed, your advisor will approve the plan. You are encouraged to set up an appointment to meet with your advisor about your plan.

2b. Course Sequencing and Rotation Schedule: Shows which courses are offered each semester. Additional courses may be offered, so also check the FGCU schedule in Gulfline.

2c. Student Schedules: Examples of student schedules based upon which semester one begins the program. Students should use these examples as guides to plan their program.

3. Guide to the Internship in Educational Leadership: This link provides information for students and mentors to assist students in completing their practicum. 

3a. Resource Competency Self-Assessment: Used to develop an individualized set of activities that will enable the students to gain experiences in areas in which they lack knowledge or experience.

3b. Florida Principal Leadership Standards: Used in the evaluation of Internship students

4. Portfolio Guidelines: This guide contains information for students to complete their final program assessment. An electronic portfolio is required to be completed in two sections: the learning section and the professional section. Prior to graduation, students must present their portfolios to the faculty. All candidates for graduation will have to complete their portfolios in LiveText using the template provided.

5. Florida Prinicpal Leadership Standards: These standards apply to all M.Ed. students. The Portfolio Guide reflects these standards. 

6. Application to Graduate: you must print and complete this form during the first two weeks of the semester in which you intend to graduate, and submit it to Graduate Studies. If you do not graduate in that semester, then you must complete it again in the next semester.

7. APA Resource links:

Our library website for Educational Leadership has additional links for APA assistance at: http://fgcu.libguides.com/ed_leadership

From Purdue University: http://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/560/01/


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