Ed Leadership General Info

General Information for Educational Leadership Students

Important Program Information for All Students

  1. Planned Program of Study Requirement:All students who have been admitted the Program in Educational Leadership must have a Planned Program of Study on file within the first month after admission. Information and the form needed are located on the Website for Educational Leadership as indicated below. Please meet with your advisor if you have any questions.
  2. What if you don't have an advisor? If you have not been accepted into the program as yet, then you have not been formally assigned an advisor. If you fall into this category, please check with any professor in the Educational Leadership program who will answer your questions.
  3. Orientation Sessions: Orientation sessions for all new students are held individually with assigned advisors. If you have not met with your advisor, please do so as soon as possible. In addition, short orientation sessions will be held during the first or second class period in the following course: Principles of Educational Leadership..
  4. Graduation and Final Assessment Policies:
    • Students who intend to graduate must register at the beginning of the semester with:
      •  The Office of the Registrar within the first 2 weeks of class to register for graduation. See the Student Handbook for specific information.
      • Your advisor within the first 2 weeks of class to register for the presentation of your final portfolio.
  5. Final Program Assessment:  All students are required to complete a final Portfolio. This portfolio must be completed using LiveText.com. The final portfolio will be the basis of all students' final assessment to determine eligibility to graduate. Each student must have an exit interview with the program's faculty, during which the professors question the student about the portfolio contents.
  6. This Student Handbook for the Program in Educational Leadership:Information has been developed to help you understand more clearly the requirements for obtaining your degree or certification in Educational Leadership. You should use this information to develop a draft of your Planned Program of Study and for requirements of your internship and portfolios. This URL may be manually typed into a Web Browser to access the Student Handbook. It is highly recommended that you Bookmark/Place in Favorites this website and refer to it as needed. Be sure to check the NEWS at the top of the website to see new information of importance.
  7. Student Responsibility:Each student is expected to be familiar with the information in the Student Handbook and to discuss any questions with an advisor. In particular, if you have not completed a Planned Program of Study Form, please work with your advisor using the course sequencing and course rotation scheduling information to map out your program of studies.
  8. Distance Learning Students.Students in distance learning classes must make contact with the instructor within the first week of classes or they will be dropped from the class. 

Timeline for Student Responsibilities 

  1. Two Semesters Before Acceptance: Apply for Admission. Application requires previous transcripts, entrance exam (GRE or MAT), and three letters of recommendation from professionals who supervised you.
    • You may take up to four classes as a Non-Degree student, but you will not be able to register until one week before classes begin.
  2. Prior to Taking Any Classes or During the First Few Weeks of Classes:Meet with your advisor (if you are admitted), or any faculty member in Educational Leadership to receive an orientation to the department, the website for students, and to the Student Planned Program of Studies.
  3. Immediately After Admission:Complete the Student Planned Program of Studies with your advisor.
  4. During the First Semester of Classes:Begin collecting information and planning for your final Portfolio.
  5. During Every Class:Select important artifacts for your final Portfolio and begin writing the artifact entry forms.
  6. Three Months Prior to Beginning Your Internship:Complete the Internship Application Form that is online in the Internship Guide. Submit this online.
    • After Your Advisor Approves Mentors for Your Internship: You will need to set up a meeting one month prior to the beginning of yoru internship for you, your advisor (or the internship class instructor), and your mentor at the mentor's work site.
    • Halfway Through Completion of Your Internship Hours: Remind your mentor to complete the online evaluation form. This is not required, but recommended.
    • At the End of Your Internship
      • Remind your mentor to complete the online evaluation form.
      • Finish your Internship Portfolio and deliver it to your advisor. This must be done electronically.
  1. Second Week of Semester in Which You Intent To Graduate:Contact the Office of the Registrar and complete an online application for graduation.   
  2. One Month Prior to Graduation:Complete your final portfolio in LiveText.com and contact your advisor to set up your Portfolio Exit Interview.
  3. Two Weeks Prior to Graduation:Complete your Portfolio Exit Interview with the faculty.
  4. Two Weeks Prior to Graduation:Complete the required Program Assessment that will be sent to you by email.
  5. After Graduation:Please inform your advisor of any changes in your address and particularly changes in your professional position. We need to stay in touch with our graduates to see how they are doing, and also to provide us with data on our graduates’ successes.

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