Financing Graduate Studies

Negotiating Gradate Studies Aid, Waivers, Costs, etc.

Smart financial management is crucial for your success while attending graduate school and for your professional achievement after graduation. Use the resources below to see how we can help you make smart financial decisions.

Note: Students admitted to FGCU Accelerate Graduate programs, Graduate Certificate programs (excluding TIP) and Post-baccalaureate Non-Degree seeking programs are not eligible to apply.

Graduate Student Tuition and Fees GRADUATE STUDENT financial AID (includes waivers) Graduate Student Scholarships

Graduate Student Tuition and Fees

  • Understanding Tuition and University Fees

  • Tuition and Costs

  • What a graduate tuition waiver actually covers

Graduate Student Financial Aid

  • Financial Aid Office

  • Types of Aid

  • Costs

  • Eligibility for Financial Aid

  • Forms for Financial Aid

  • Graduate Assistantship

  • Tuition Waivers

Graduate Student Scholarships

  • Graduate Studies (GS) Scholarship

  • Latin American & Caribbean (LAC) Graduate Scholarship

  • FGCU Foundation Scholarship

  • Schulze Future Teacher Scholarship for Teacher Immersion Program (TIP) STEM teacher certification