Information Technology Services

What is AppsAnywhere?

AppsAnywhere is a new software delivery method that uses an app store where faculty, staff, and students can access and use their software from any FGCU computer.  This allows for faster application delivery, and availability of software in locations where it previously had not been available. For a list of software available through AppsAnywhere, please click here.

Why AppsAnywhere?

The benefit to faculty, staff, and students is they will be able to access their class software from any computer on campus.  Other benefits to the campus community are:

  • Allows ITS to offer a wider range of software across the campus. Currently, we are constrained by software being loaded only in particular labs or classrooms.
  • Less wait time for faculty software requests.
  • Ease of updating and maintaining software campus-wide at any time – without major downtime!
  • Deploys software without having to reboot the computer.
  • Ease of license tracking.

Known Limitations

  • At this time, this application delivery method is only available to Windows computers.
  • Mac users will be able to connect to AppsAnywhere via the virtual lab.
  • The utilization of licensed software off site will need to be accessed via the virtual lab.


  • Is AppsAnywhere available for Macs?

  • How do I access the virtual lab?

  • How do I access licensed software from off site?

  • Will AppsAnywhere be available on cellular devices?

  • How can I request additional software to be added to AppsAnywhere?

  • How do I access AppsAnywhere from my personal device?

  • There are a lot of applications, how do I find my application quickly?

  • Why is it taking such a long time to open an application?

  • Can I save my work locally?

  • Why can’t I find an application under the programs menu?

  • How do I know what applications are available in what location?

  • How do I report any issues when trying to open an application?


If you have questions about the use of AppsAnywhere software, please contact the FGCU Help Desk at 239-590-1188 or email at