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Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

Using 2FA helps secure your online identity and personal information, and protects FGCU's intellectual property and institutional data. FGCU has partnered with Duo Security to provide a two-factor authentication solution. The process includes your FGCU username and password (something you know), and a phone or tablet (something you have), to authenticate.

Azul is Now Able to Log in Securely!

Four Easy Steps

  1. Choose something you have (Smart phone/tablet/phone)
  2. Sign into Gulfline, Canvas or any other system that requires 2FA with SSO and complete your one time 2FA enrollment.  (instructions for enrollment/registration)
  3. Register a secondary device (office phone or home phone)
  4. Log in securely

For instructions on one time enrollment and registering your devices please click here  

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