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Software Install Request

Any faculty or staff member that requires a software application to be available in a classroom, lab, or office, must fill out the form below by clicking the "Submit a Request" button. 

Verify that the software is not available in AppsAnywhere (Windows), Software Center (Windows), or Self Service (Mac) before submitting a request. 

          APPSANYWHERE          GENERAL OVERVIEWInstalling Software Using Software CenterInstalling Software Using Self Service

For software already licensed and installed at FGCU in another location, and which has previously undergone compatibility testing with FGCU systems, installation time is generally scheduled within one week, depending on resource availability and licensing verification. Software not used at FGCU, will require security and license compliance evaluation as well as research and compatibility testing on FGCU systems.

Please note that if you do not renew your request(s), all software loaded for your classes during the previous semesters will be removed.

If software is needed to teach a class, faculty members will need to submit a Software Install Request form and is due at the same time as textbook adoptions

Semester Deadline
Summer March 15th
Fall April 15th
Spring October 15th

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