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2024 Grading Conference

March 08, 2024 

2024 Grading Conference

FoLC, Dan Kern, shared an announcement for the 2024 Grading Conference, taking place online from June 13th – 15th. Registration is open and there’s still time to submit an abstract by March 15. From the website (

The Grading Conference is a place where faculty join together to learn about grading practices that best support student learning, promote diversity, equity and inclusion in the classroom, and enhance student and faculty classroom experiences. Now in its fourth year, the purpose of the conference is to support instructors as they strive to challenge traditional grading practices that have been shown to be damaging to students and their learning.

The proposal submission process is fairly straightforward, requiring only a 200 word abstract describing either a talk, workshop, or roundtable discussion. In addition, and to the credit of the conference organizers, the conference fee is $50, and they offer a “pay what you can” option for those with limited institutional support.