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Applying Principles of Transparency to Assignments

October 17, 2022 

The Lucas Center for Faculty Development invites you to a workshop on:

Applying Principles of Transparency to Assignments
Facilitated by: Bill Reynolds, Kim Fournier, Jason Elek & billY Gunnels

In preparation for the new Assignment Design Academy, which the Lucas Center will host in December 2022, we invite you to our second session on the transparent assignment design framework. Transparent assignment design refers to teaching practices aimed at making learning processes more explicit for students. In this session we will offer an overview of a “learning-focused assignment rubric,” which proposes a set of criteria for incorporating transparency into assignment design. Participants who pre-register for the session will receive the rubric in advance of the workshop, and all participants are encouraged to bring to the session an assignment they would like to make more transparent.

This workshop will be facilitated on Tuesday, November 1st from 10:30a-11:30a in the Lucas Center (LIB-221) or virtually via Zoom.