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Chat GPT & Me: Implications for Teaching & Learning with AI

January 31, 2023 

The Lucas Center For Faculty Development & Digital Learning invite you to a session on

Chat GPT & Me:
Implications for Teaching & Learning with AI

ChatGPT, an online AI tool to generate text-based responses to questions, has been gaining attention in education recently. This discovery and discussion session will focus on the implications of ChatGPT for teaching and learning. After a brief introduction to ChatGPT and how it generates replies, you will have a chance to experiment with the tool. The discussion following will focus on what this tool can and cannot do well, how to adapt your assignments to its use, and effective ways to integrate it within your classroom. We will also share resources and suggestions for discouraging academic dishonesty through its use.

Attendees are encouraged to bring general or specific prompts from their assignments to test during the session.

Two Session Options!

In-Person at LIB-221: Tuesday, February 21st • 1:30p-2:30p
Virtual via Zoom: Friday, February 24th • 9:00a-10:00a