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Clear, Helpful Strategies for Students

March 18, 2020  / Bill Reynolds, PhD  / Tags: covid, study habits, strategies, tips, students

I know that a lot of us are struggling with this disruption to our work, our school, our social lives—pretty much all aspects of our daily routines have collapsed. The university and the many structures within which our students typically operate serve as a “secure base” that helps all of us stay both internally and externally organized. The sudden removal of these structures can be profoundly disorienting, and we all need to rapidly re-establish routines, begin new health-affirming habits, and remain connected to one another for love and support.

To help your students stay on track, we are sharing a document created at the University of Michigan for students who are adjusting to remote instruction. It is titled “Adjusting your study habits during COVID.” It provides sound advice and suggestions for students, and we hope you will share it or extract what you find most useful for dissemination to your classes.

If you have additional ideas, advice, suggestions that you would like to share with your colleagues, send it to or and we will post it to the blog.