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Lucas Center Professional Development Grant Recipient, Kristin Mellian, Associate Produces, "Carrie and Jess save the Universe!"

February 23, 2022 

The Lucas Center supports faculty teaching, scholarship and service by funding attendance and presentations at conferences and other forms of professional development.In Summer 2021, Assistant Professor, Kristin Mellian, MFA was awarded funding to utilize toward producing the feature film: Carrie And Jess Save the Universe! To learn more about Kristin's film, please see her blurb below and be sure to check out the film's IMDb page and official trailer.


Beginning June 2021, I accepted the role of Associate Producer for a feature sci-fi comedy film called Carrie and Jess Save the Universe! shooting in Grand Rapids, MI. In addition to associate producing, I played the role of the villainous Space Queen (the film’s main antagonist). Principal photography (production) for this film began July of 2021. My duties as an actor/producer for this film included the following:   


  1. Contacting the SAG-AFTRA Union to achieve signatory status for the production under the SAG-AFTRA Microbudget agreement.  
  2. Working with the representation of our name talent (Richard Karn) to agree to the terms of his contract.  
  3. Drafting the official deal memo/contract for the name actor in accordance with SAG-AFTRA union contractual requirements. 
  4. Organizing air travel, ground transport, and lodging accommodations for the name talent, and serving as the production liaison between the name talent and the name talent’s representation.  
  5. Advising producer/director on casting choices, as well as other business/creative items throughout the pre-production, production, and post-production of the film. 
  6. Performing the role of the villain in the movie in August 2021.