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Resources for Remote Teaching

April 29, 2020  / Bill Reynolds, PhD  / Tags: Design, online, learning, covid, remote, teaching, video

During the transition to remote instruction many of you had to quickly transform your courses, which may have left little time to explore resources that were shared online and elsewhere. As the semester winds down and you prepare for summer teaching or take a breather before planning for fall, we want to provide links to some resources related to inquiries we’ve received about remote teaching and learning.

First, FGCU’s own Dr. Charles Xiaoxue Wang is a Professor of Educational Technology, who has created a website to aid in the process of online course design. He provides a model that lays out how one might think about content, activities, facilitation, and evaluation (CAFE model). Of particular interest to faculty may be Dr. Wang’s tips regarding three types of interaction that can take place in the remote learning environment: learner-content interaction, learner-instructor interaction, and learner-learner interaction. You can find out more about the CAFE model here--, and you can contact Dr. Wang directly at

Other resources we’ve discovered recently include:

  • EmTechWIKI Essential Tools, a site that highlights commonly used resources to move online quickly and efficiently.
  • A blog post and recorded video chat on creating more equitable video calls when teaching remotely.
  • If you have experienced challenges in conducting remote, synchronous video conferences, you will find some alternatives to videoconferencing HERE.
  • And, finally, the concept of “hybrid-flexible course design” (one in which students are able to choose their mode of participation from session to session), is mentioned HERE in a blog post about the next phases of responding to the COVID-19 virus and, more extensively, in an open textbook HERE.

If you have additional ideas, advice, suggestions, music, or funny bits that you would like to share with your colleagues, send it all to or and we will post it to the blog.