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Student Spotlight of the Week

June 15, 2020  / Tags: Physical Therapy, Student Spotlight, Department of Rehabilitation Sciences

This week’s Student Spotlight goes to first year Physical Therapy student Tori Garby (formerly Swift). Tori fell in love with Physical Therapy while she was playing in a soccer league in Naples, Florida. She would constantly see her fellow teammates injure themselves which then required physical therapy to heal. Tori hopes to make a difference in this world and help others, stating “I didn’t choose PT, PT chose me”. 

I didn't choose PT, PT chose me


She recently got married to the love of her life and best friend Michael! Together they live in Naples with their two dogs Queen Daenerys and Princess Leia.

Her love of animals extends past her own, as Tori works at an animal hospital in the rehabilitation department and is considering working in a PT environment for animals.

Tori Swift Student Spotlight of the Week