Degree Works FAQS

About Degree Works

  • What is Degree Works?

  • How do I access Degree Works?

  • Who can use Degree Works?

  • Do I still need to see an academic advisor?

  • When is my academic information updated in Degree Works?

  • Is the Degree Works Audit the same as an Academic Transcript?

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Student Degree Audit

  • How is a degree audit organized?

  • What types of degree audits am I able to see?

  • Can a degree audit be printed?

  • What are some helpful hints for reviewing my degree audit?

  • What does it mean if classes are listed under the Free Electives, Insufficient or In-progress Blocks?

  • How are In-progress courses used in the degree audit?

  • Why some courses are not applied to my degree requirements?

  • Can I view a list of all my completed classes in Degree Works?

  • What does my audit look like if I’m pursuing two degrees (a BS and a BA)?

  • What if I’m pursuing a double major?

  • What if my Degree Works audit shows a different program than my intended major?

  • What if my minor or concentration is missing from my degree audit?

  • Can I change my major/minor/concentration in Degree Works?

  • Does Degree Works include accelerated credit and transfer courses?

  • How does Degree Works decide where to place completed or in-progress courses in my degree audit?

  • Is it okay for Degree Works to place a course in two different places?

  • What if there is an error within my degree audit?

  • Can I register for classes in Degree Works?

  • What if my academic advisor petitions to waive or substitute a course? How does that course appear on my degree audit?

  • What does the @ symbol mean in my degree audit?

  • Are there requirements for graduation that Degree Works does not check?

  • When should I review my Degree Works audit and information?

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Student Plan

  • What is the Student Educational Planner (SEP)?

  • When will my plan be created by my academic advisor?

  • How do I access my plan?

  • Will I still be able to view my degree audit in Degree Works?

  • Why should I look at both my degree audit and my plan?

  • My registration does not match my plan. What should I do?

  • How can I print my plan?

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 GPA Information

  • Where can I find my Grade-Point Average (GPA)?

  • What is the GPA Calc Tab?

  • What does the Graduation Calculator show?

  • What does Term Calculator show?

  • What does the Advice Calculator show?

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What If Information

  • What is the What-If feature?

  • How do I use the “What-If” feature?

  • Can my academic advisor see my What-If scenario?

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