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 24 Hour Festival 2009

24 Hour Festival 2009


September 4-5, 2009

Florida Gulf Coast University students are invited to submit works in live theatre, film, video, performance art, dance, music, visual art, or any combination of media to the 24 Hour Festival. Thing is: you can't submit the work until one hour before it's presented to the public. Oh, and you can't start on the work until 24 hours before you submit it. Why? Because only one person knows all the elements that mustbe present in the work and he's telling no one.

And the Winners Are...


Brittney Brady
Katelyn Gravel


Philip Heubeck






 Beyond Therapy

Beyond Therapy


June 16-20, 2010

Writer: Christopher Durang

Director: Barry Cavin

Bruce and Prudence are deeply into therapy. Prudence's macho therapist urges her to be more assertive while Bruce's wacky female therapist wants him to meet women by placing a personal ad. Will this sport of self-analysis bring them together or will it lead them both into endless games of narcissistic solo love?

Learning to live beyond therapy is the focus of this delightful show that moved from Off Broadway to Broadway.






Wooden Mouth

Wooden Mouth


April 7-18, 2010

Wooden Mouth

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Writer and Director: Barry Cavin

In the forest, tucked back into a mountain hollow, live a peculiar people who possess an ancient mask that gives a great gift to the wearer- the ability to strip away all lies spoken by others. An uncertain lover adventures to find the mask but discovers a secret more extraordinary than honesty and fidelity.




 6 One Acts

6 One Acts


February 17-28, 2010

Director: Tyler Layton

One Acts included For Whom the Southern Bell Tolls; DMV Tyrant; Funeral Parlor; Canker Sores and Other Distractions; Phyllis & Xenobia; and Desire, Desire Desire.





Our Town

Our Town


November 4 - 15, 2009

Playwright: Thornton Wilder

Director: Mark Danni

OUR TOWN is one of the warmest and most deeply human plays to have come out of the theatre. In the first act the author genially outlines the history of Grover's Corners, New Hampshire., and carries you into the houses of the Gibbs & Webb families. You arrive at breakfast time and are carried through one entire day in the lives of these good people. The second act concerns the love affair between young George Gibbs & Emily Webb, and thus culminates in a moving wedding scene. In the third act we are led to the cemetery on the hill, where many of the townspeople we have come to know so well are patiently and smilingly awaiting not "judgment" but greater understanding. Into their midst is led a girl, a little wishful to go back to life, to live again with her memories. But she is shown how futile it is to return. The past cannot be re-lived. Living people, humans, occupied by their petty occupations and small thoughts, know little of true joy or happiness.

"Our Town is an attempt to find a value above all prices for the smallest events in our daily life."

- Thorton Wilder