2011 - 2012 Season




Photo of Three Sisters

Three Sisters


November 9-13 and November 16-20, 2012

Written by Anton Chekov

Contemporary translation by Libby Appel

Directed by Barry Cavin

Chekov's classic tale of sisters who long to escape their dreary lives and yearn to return to a city of their dreams. This bittersweet, deeply romantic drama weaves together a story of wasted opportunities and missed personal bliss.





Photo of Faustus Burns Brightly

Faustus Burns Brightly


April 4-8, and April 11-15, 2012

Written and directed by Barry Cavin

April 4-8, and April 11-15, 2012

FGCU Professor Barry Cavin adapts the classic story of Faustus for a contemporary audience. The well-known story of a man who bargains his soul for earthly pleasure takes on a new and unimagined relevance set in a world at once common, horrific, and beautiful.




Photo of Fireworks Play



June 13-17, 2012

Directed by: Barry Cavin

Tickets go on sale June 1st, 2012

Show times: Wednesday through Saturday at 7:00 PM • Sunday at 2:00 PM

Adults: $7.00 Children under 12: FREE

Join us for our summer children's theatre. Click the graphics below for play descriptions.




Photo of 24 Hour Film Festival 2011

Fifth Annual
24 Hour Festival

September 9th, 6 PM- theme and elements announcement to the teams
September 10th, 8 PM- reveal of competition entries

Prize: three $500 scholarships