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Foundation Scholarship Requirements

To complete the requirements for your scholarship, you must submit your thank you letter and photograph using the specifications below. Your thank you letter and photograph must be submitted within 10 days from your award date. Failure to submit both of these items will result in the cancellation of this award. Once an award has been cancelled, it will not be reinstated.

  • Addressed to: Dear Sponsor of {Insert Name of Scholarship}
  • Include your appreciativeness, personal challenges and career goals; you are encouraged to share details regarding your volunteer activities, graduate school plans, hobbies or pursuits related to your course of study, family, reflections on college life, and, most importantly, the impact the scholarship has had or will have on your life.
  • If you are receiving the same scholarship you have received in a previous academic year, a new and COMPLETELY different letter and photo is required. Please do not just update your previous letter and leave in many of the same word for word paragraphs. A whole year will have passed and we expect that you will have new things to talk about. If you have met your donors, it would be nice to mention that in your letter. Treat it like a continuing conversation, you've already introduced yourself, now you can expand on that.
  • Letter must be submitted in Microsoft Word format
  • Minimum one single spaced page in 12 pt. Arial font, one inch margins
  • Your address, or any other header, does not contribute to the length requirement.

 (a new photograph is required each year even when you are receiving the same scholarship)

  • One recent photograph in appropriate attire (no selfies)

  • A photo of just you, preferably from the shoulders up.

  • .jpg format

Again, congratulations!  We commend you on your outstanding accomplishments! Go Eagles!