Coronavirus (COVID-19) Advisory to Protect The Nest:

FGCU continuously monitors the latest information from health officials and shares details on the Coronavirus Updates website. Get details including helpful FAQs. Students, faculty and staff, remember to complete the FGCU Daily Health Screening App every day before coming to campus (239-590-1206 for technical and other support related to the Screening). COVID-19 rules apply to campus visitors.

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COVID-19 Event Guidelines

COVID-19 Event Guidelines

In order to best manage, in a controlled manner, the campus facilities’ safety and occupancy requirements, use will be only for FGCU, and not outside groups/guests.  This applies to all campus facilities, including the Aquatics Center, Cohen Student Union and Alico Arena.  Each location on campus will have a modified maximum capacity of 50% of its normal capacity with furniture, with the following exceptions: 

  • Rooms that have a capacity of 100 or more people will only have a modified maximum capacity of 50 people due to FGCU's current guidelines on large gatherings to be capped at 50 people.
  • If 50% of a room’s normal capacity with furniture ends in .5, the modified maximum capacity will be rounded down to ensure that it is less than 50% of a location’s maximum capacity with furniture.
  • The capacity of select teaching labs will be calculated based on square footage, at 50 square feet per person.

As noted in FGCU’s Fall 2020 COVID-19 Plan, the main objective is to protect the health, safety, and well-being of our students, faculty, and staff. Therefore, everyone needs to make careful considerations when planning events on campus. Per FGCU Administration, masks are required while on the FGCU campus. Please follow the below event planning guidelines to help keep the FGCU Community safe.





Capacity: Number of attendees allowed and location capacities, per FGCU Guidelines

  • Facility Use Custodians (Campus Reservations, Athletics, Campus Recreation, Housing, ETI) will schedule events on campus while following the appropriate large gathering capacity guidelines as determined by University parameters. FGCU's large gathering capacity is 50 people. Therefore, the headcount of an event/meeting cannot exceed 50 people at one given time.
  • In addition to the large gathering capacity guidelines, noted above, each location will have a modified maximum capacity that is 50% of its normal capacity with furniture
    • Example 1: Cohen 213 has a normal max capacity of 48 people with furniture.  Under the 50% guideline, we would allow up to 24 people to attend meetings and events in Cohen 213 while following other important University guidelines (example: masks are required)
    • Example 2: The Cohen Ballroom has a normal maximum capacity of 500 people audience style.  Under the 50% guideline, up to 250 people could attend.  However, since 250 exceeds the large gathering capacity of 50 people, the maximum capacity for the Cohen Ballroom would be 50 people 
  • Your Facility Use Custodian can assist you with providing the modified maximum capacity of your reserved location, based on the proposed layout, and if your event exceeds the large gathering capacity based on the University's guidelines


Formats for Events/Meetings: Options to consider instead of having in-person events.

  • Virtual
    • Microsoft Teams
    • Microsoft Teams Live Events
    • Zoom
  • Recordings
    • Pre-recorded videos or recording of live session and shared at a later time
  • Hybrid
    • Live feed with some participants in the room while others are connected virtually
  • In person
    • Modified room capacities that follow the University social distancing guidelines
    • Multiple sessions with smaller headcounts
  • Host your event outdoors so guests have more room to spread out, see additional guidelines for Outdoor Events here


Cleaning, Safety, & Social Distancing

  • Per FGCU Administration, masks are required while on the FGCU campus.  Event Organizers should ensure that all event attendees are wearing their masks
  • Event Organizers should require event attendees to:
    • Ensure there is appropriate social distancing throughout the event including: ingress, egress, and registration
    • Limit the use of shared equipment
    • Many indoor locations on campus will have a disinfectant wipe station. Event attendees should use disinfectant wipes to clean the area(s) in which they are seated or using
    • Replace handshakes
    • Wash/sanitize hands often
    • Not attend if they are sick
    • Use extreme caution and review the CDC guidelines if they are a part of a high-risk population (CDC Guidelines)
  • Facility Use Custodians and/or the University’s custodial provider (USSI) will clean/disinfect multipurpose rooms in-between events



  • Limit serving food/beverages at the event. If you choose to do so, please follow the guidelines below:
    • Food/beverages served at events must be prepared and served by a licensed catering vendor.  Use disposable/single-use food items such as utensils and dishes
    • Event Organizers should work with their catering vendor to stagger food and beverage stations
    • Buffets, potlucks and the sharing of commonly passed items will not be allowed

    • Small items like granola bars or individual Pepsi Product beverages that are individually packaged can be consumed at your event

    • Your catering vendor can assist with additional guidelines to ensure the health and safety of all event attendees
    • If consuming food at your event, all event attendees must follow social distancing guidelines



  • Event Organizers should ensure microphones/technology equipment are not shared during an event
  • If there are multiple speakers, each speaker should have a designated microphone. If this is not possible, the microphones should be disinfected between each speaker by using disinfectant wipes. Event Organizers should ensure disinfectant wipes are available during this event
  • Lavaliere microphones will not be allowed if there are multiple speakers
  • All technology equipment, including but not limited to the speaker’s podium, air mice (clicker), computer keyboard, and mouse, should be disinfected between each user
  • Information Technology Services (ITS) can assist with additional technology recommendations to ensure the safety of all event attendees


Additional Considerations

Outdoor Event Considerations

  • Ingress, egress, and overall event flow should be monitored by the event organizer to ensure that there is the appropriate amount of social distancing
  • Event Signage must include verbiage that is University-approved while being consistent with the University’s requirements and theme
  • Event Organizers should eliminate activities with high touch points
  • Overall event setup - Event organizers should eliminate areas where people congregate
  • Hand washing/sanitizing stations- Event organizers should provide these for their outdoor events


Miscellaneous Event Considerations

  • Giveaways and Promotional Materials – Giveaways or other promotional materials should be individually packaged or distributed by one specific event attendant wearing gloves to ensure that there are not frequently passed or touched items
  • Event Registration- Event Organizers should have attendees register virtually in order to avoid having lines for registration.  If in-person registration will take place, Event Organizers need to ensure that attendees are at least 6 feet apart

Restricted Activities

  • Dunk Tanks are not allowed
  • Pieing in the face events are not allowed
  • Walkathons and Runs are not allowed.
  • Animals are not allowed as part of Tabling or Events. (See FGCU Policy 4.013 regarding Service Animals/ESA on campus)
  • No dancing with partners

         - If dancing, each participant needs to be at least 6 feet apart. Also, each participant needs to wear a mask and must comply with the location capacity and large gathering guidelines

  • Bands/Music Groups/Worship Services: While following the location and large gathering capacity guidelines, each participant needs to have a mask on and be at least 6 feet apart
         - Consider hosting virtual or outdoor performances

  • No shared equipment. If this is unavoidable, participants need to wear gloves and wipe down equipment after each use. This includes outdoor games like corn hole and can jam
         - Each participant needs to have a mask on and be at least 6 feet apart.



If the University determines that an event or gathering does not comply with these campus guidelines, the University reserves the right to:

  • Deny or rescind the event organizer’s permission to use the location (even if the event has already started); and
  • Restrict the event organizer from reserving campus space in the future
  • If student hosted, refer the group to the Office of Student Conduct

Finally, these guidelines will be adapted as needed as local, State, and Federal guidelines are revised and as public health circumstances on the campus and surrounding areas evolve