Honors Mentors


Mentors learn as much as they lead 

All new Honors students select an Honors Mentor — an experienced and successful Honors student who will help you make your transition to FGCU and the Honors College and meet with you throughout your first year to help ensure your success. Honors Mentors are chosen through a competitive application process and take a course to learn best mentoring practices. Mentors embody the Elements of Honors and are eager to work with new students. Mentoring is a great leadership opportunity for experienced Honors students.

Honors Mentors1

I can't express enough how grateful I am that she is my mentor.  Her success motivates me to take advantage of the new opportunities available at FGCU, and her supportive nature and genuine personality positively reinforce the chances that I have taken thus far.”



Honors Mentor 2

My mentor positively impacted my experience at FGCU and the Honors College.  She made me more comfortable with the rigors and independence of college life and also helped me with time management skills.  She also has encouraged me to go to Honors Events and make new friends.”



Honors Mentor 3

I continue to benefit incredibly from the Mentoring Program.  Not only my mentees learn from me, but also I learn from them all the time.  I learn about myself and my abilities as a student leader.”