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The Honors College strives to provide exceptional student scholars and leaders with the opportunity to develop their unique skills and experience the very best of higher education. We focus on global citizenship, cultural exploration, academic achievement, community service, thoughtful leadership and personal excellence to help our students become well-rounded, successful individuals in the Southwest Florida community and beyond. 

We offer specialized courses in which students can work to discover new viruses or broaden their horizons through exploring literary classics or leadership philosophy; these and many other Honors classes offer a wide variety of opportunities to students who want to take learning to a higher level.

Our students dedicate their time to research, service and leadership, and are well-informed global citizens upon graduation. Our alumni have soared from FGCU to national and international positions and have been accepted to prestigious institutions to pursue graduate study, including Oxford University and many others. 

We ask you to give $25, $50, $75, $100 or any amount that is significant to you. Your gift will help provide Honors students a unique education and vast opportunities. Your donation can help a student have the resources to soar and positively impact the future.


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