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Project Request

Submitting a Project Request

A project request to Information Technology Services (ITS) is the first step to initiate a “technology as a service” endeavor that has a defined scope and is conducted within a specific timeline to accomplish a specific goal, such as to solve a business problem. Examples of projects include:

  • Implementing or integrating a new system or application
  • Adding new functionality to an existing FGCU system

Projects are a collaboration between ITS and other departments and MUST have at least one business owner assigned who can identify the functional requirements and success factors. Both groups are responsible for the success of the project. Projects must have the approval of the dean or VP of the initiating or impacted division or school before commencing work.
If your request does NOT meet the above criteria for a project, please submit a ticket by emailing helpdesk@fgcu.edu.

Use your FGCU email address (all lowercase) and password to log into the project management system. To access the system go here: Project Management Request System

  • Select a Request Type – FGCU Project Request
  • Complete as much information as possible before submitting the request
    • If you are unable to complete the request initially, you may return to the request and complete it later.
  • You will receive status update emails as your request progresses through the process

When a project request is submitted, ITS will:

  1. Review the request and submit for VP approval
  2. Schedule a meeting to collect additional technical information (Approximately 3 weeks)
  3. Review all technical information to determine project viability (2-4 weeks)
  4. Coordinate with VPs to prioritize project against other university initiatives