ITS Student Services

Physical Computer Labs

FGCU's campus has several computer labs for student and public use to access the Internet, send and receive email, use class specific software, and the Microsoft Office Suite. The labs are designed to assist you in completing homework assignments and other tasks related to furthering your educational goals.

  • Ben Hill Griffin 208

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  • Reed Hall 256

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  • Library East

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  • Library West

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Virtual Computer Labs

FGCU's virtual computer labs were established to give you a convenient way to access course-specific software on your own Mac or PC based laptops - or iPad or Android Tablets - from anywhere! These virtual labs offer you an alternative to physical labs for completing homework assignments and other tasks related to furthering your educational goals.

How to Connect

  1. Visit in any web browser
  2. Download and install the VMware Horizon View Client or use the HTML client
  3. Accept the terms of use
  4. Enter your FGCU Network Credentials (same you use to log into the physical computers on campus) and click login
  5. Select the virtual lab you want to connect to and click connect
  6. When finished please log out of windows as if it were a physical computer
Warning: The virtual lab computers are temporary in nature. Any work you create in them will not remain on the computer. Please save any work to your Microsoft OneDrive account or email it to yourself before disconnecting.

Computer Classrooms

Computer Classrooms allow faculty to engage in hands-on instruction. Each classroom is equipped with a multimedia podium and projection system that allow the instructors to use many forms of audio, video, print, and/or computer material.

The following classrooms are equipped with 25 or more student work stations.

Microsoft Windows OS (PC) Macintosh OS (MAC)
  • Ben Hill Griffin 205
  • Ben Hill Griffin 111
  • Ben Hill Griffin 114
  • Holmes Hall 339
  • Library 441
  • Whitaker Hall 269
  • Reed Hall 144
  • Lutgert Hall 2209
  • Lutgert Hall 2210
  • Lutgert Hall 2212
  • Holmes Hall 202
  • Holmes Hall 402
  • Seidler Hall 126
  • Seidler Hall 127
  • Seidler Hall 445
  • Libary 438
  • Reed Hall #250