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Brunch in the Time of Corona

March 22, 2020  / Bill Reynolds, PhD  / Tags: activity, covid, food

So how has your first weekend of quasi-quarantine been? Apparently, this virus has activated my internal caring nurturer, and in the last few days I’ve baked cookies (twice), made beef stew (wtf, it’s like 90 degrees out!), and decided that we needed family brunch this morning (whether or not the rest of the family wanted to sleep in). My wife, Rena, is in the other room doing a yoga class via Facebook live, and my kids are quiet enough that I prefer not to investigate exactly how they’re occupying themselves.

 What are you doing to pass the time…besides frantically converting your courses for remote instruction, of course? I’m sure we all could use more tips, strategies, suggestions for staying sane under unprecedented conditions. Share them with us (with photos!), and we’ll post them to the Lucas Center blog. Every little way we can help each other out is meaningful in these strange times.

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