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Coping with Remote Instruction

March 17, 2020  / Bill Reynolds, PhD  / Tags: Guidance, Survival, covid, Humor

Yesterday we asked you for inspiring stories to help us celebrate all the good work taking place in sub-optimal conditions. Today we’re asking you to help us laugh. One thing you can count on when highly intelligent, creative people get cooped up for long periods of time is that they’re going to quickly hone in on the absurdities of their collective situation. Then, depending on their particular talents, they’ll start producing content to amuse themselves and their friends.

Let’s be friends. You show us your funny bits, and we’ll show you ours…the safe for work ones, at least.

Follow this link to learn more about how one professor is “surviving” (apologies to Gloria Gaynor)--

 Or, you might wish to learn proper hand-washing technique from an Iranian artist.

 For our Spanish-speaking friends, a Mexican singer made a song about how to stay healthy during the pandemic. A group of nurses liked it so much they made a dance.

 From Hong Kong (apologies to Natalie Imbruglia).

 And, not to be missed, my own personal favorite earworm from the Philippines.

 Sometimes you just have to laugh to keep from [choose one: screaming at your kids to stop touching their friends, chastising your wife for continuing to go to yoga, road raging against the genius who is hand-sanitizing, texting, and driving at the same time].