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Developing Online Teaching Skills

March 19, 2020  / Bill Reynolds, PhD  / Tags: skills, online, improving, teaching, covid, learning

You may find yourself in this position in the near future:  You have scrambled to transition to remote instruction, you’ve been in touch with your students and they’re (mostly) onboard, and you’re getting to the point where you’d like to enhance your course beyond bare-bones, survival mode remote teaching. The Chronicle of Higher Education is offering a free download titled “Moving Online Now:  How to Keep Teaching during Coronavirus.” I especially like the advice provided by Flower Darby, starting on p. 11. She’s an instructional designer who also teaches online, and the principles and practices she articulates in her article are comparable to what you are hearing from the FGCU Digital Learning crew if you have made use of their services during this transition or taken Online Learning Academy. I’m sure the instructional designers remain quite busy this week, but if you take a few minutes to review the advice Darby offers, you may find that you can enhance the organization and conduct of your online instruction.

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