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Homeschooling While Working From Home During A Global Pandemic Bingo

March 20, 2020  / Bill Reynolds, PhD  / Tags: teaching, homeschooling, covid, learning, Humor

If you’re feeling anything like those of us at the Lucas Center, you might be in “laugh to keep from crying” mode. We know that many of you are parents, and as you try to rapidly gear yourself up to teach students who may not be developmentally (or emotionally) equipped to learn remotely, we’re sure you’re also wondering “What in the world does school look like for my own kids in the coming weeks and months.” I’m thinking phys ed, snack time, martial arts, and nap time are going to play a prominent role in the Reynolds homeschool protocol, but that’s just me. What about the rest of you?

 Here are how folks around the internets are dealing with this challenge:

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