Guardian Eagle

Guardian Eagle is a state-of-the-art safety app provided through Rave Guardian that allows you to turn your cell phone into a safety device. It works on any mobile phone running on any US-based mobile carrier network.

FAQ Sheet

  • Why should I use Guardian Eagle?

  • What safety features does Guardian Eagle provide?

  • Does Guardian Eagle require users to have a certain kind of phone?

  • Is the Guardian Eagle app free and how do I install it?

  • How do I select a Guardian?

  • Can you send tips anonymously through Guardian Eagle?

  • Is my privacy protected?

  • Does the Guardian Eagle track me?

  • How can I tell if my mobile phone can provide its location to Guardian Eagle?

  • What if my carrier or mobile phone cannot provide Guardian Eagle with location information? Can I still use the app?

  • When will FGCU Police be notified my timer expired?

  • Can my Guardians receive the same text alerts as I do?

  • Does Guardian Eagle work off-campus?

  • What should I include in my profile?