Financial Aid Options

To Help Make Your College Education Affordable, We Administer Different Types of Financial Aid

As you review the information about each type of aid please keep in mind that we are instrumental in maximizing both your academic and financial success by helping you make informed borrowing decisions and by explaining the expectations that come with receiving aid, such as making satisfactory academic progress.

Grants are a type of financial aid funded by the government, and they usually require that you demonstrate financial need to qualify. At the Florida Gulf Coast University, we administer federal grants and state need-based grants, all of which have their own eligibility requirements. 

While loans are a valuable financial resource, we recommend that you pursue scholarships, grants and student employment opportunities first to avoid the financial burden of owing large sums of money after graduation. For students who do require loan support, there are a variety of options to consider.

Work-Study (Student Employment)
Part-time jobs supported through the federal financial aid program are known as federal work-study. Learn more about federal work-study and other part-time employment opportunities that can give you needed income and the added benefit of hands-on experience while earning your degree.

Scholarships are not limited to Florida residents and incoming freshmen. Current FGCU students, and prospective students who have submitted an Admissions application and have been assigned a University Identification Number (UIN), should submit an online FGCU Foundation Scholarship Application. University Foundation Scholarships are awarded on the basis of academic achievement, financial need, and/or other specifications set by donors. Explore all of the scholarship opportunities available, and review important information about award criteria, application processes and deadlines.